Our History

The Grandville Athletic Boosters Club was formed in the fall of 1966 by a group of citizens with the purpose to “Stimulate community interest and enthusiasm among those engaged in sports at the Grandville High School”. The earliest records of the club show that the founders worked to obtain better playing facilities, create an emergency medical fund, provide coaching aides and sponsor an all-sports banquet, among other things.


One of the earliest projects completed by the club was the purchase and installation of lights at the present Davies Field, now called the middle school complex, located on Wilson Avenue. The club also funded the first rubberized track around the middle school facility. More recently, the boosters provided partial funding for the baseball and softball press box buildings at the high school. These and many other projects have been funded by the club over the years with the cooperation of school administration, other booster club members and the contributions of many area citizens through tireless fundraising efforts.


That spirit of promoting sports and engaging our community is alive and well with today’s club.


The first Grandville Athletic Boosters meeting was held on October 2, 1966. Those elected to the first 10-person board included:


Larry K. Woodburn, president
Bruce Ormiston, vice president
Henry VanderMolen, treasurer
Ken Savage, secretary
Jack Sousley, recording secretary
Ted Zondervan
Bill Brinks
Bill Scott
Russ Denton
Ed Blake

Special thanks to Larry K. Woodburn for his contributions to the history of the boosters with additional information coming from the October 27, 1966, issue of The Grandville Star newspaper.

Hall of Fame

In 1977, the Grandville Athletic Boosters created the Hall of Fame to recognize outstanding athletes and coaches from Grandville High School. Athletes must be out of high school for 4 years and coaches must be retired from their sport. We are proud to share with you our list of Hall of Fame members.

Year Inducted
1977 – Russ Waters (deceased)
1977 – Fred Johnson
1978 – Benny McCoy
1978 – Doug Wyn
1979 – William Dudas
1980 – Keith Little
1981 – Edwin Taylor (deceased)
1982 – Fred Van Hartesveldt (deceased)
1986 – Rex Roseman
1987 – James DeRidder
1988 – Gary Bastien
1989 – Shawn Whitcomb
1990 – Jerry Takas
1991 – Randy Palmitier
1992 – Shawn Elkins
1993 – Kelly VanderMolen
1994 – Brent Gates
1995 – Terry Johnson
2000 – Tom Krepps
2000 – Pat Whitcomb
2003 – Steve Capon (deceased)
2003 – Kathy Witucki-Nystrom
2004 – Mark VanderMey
2008 – Kristen Koetsier-Miller
2014 – Doug Throop