Food Service Program

Phone: (616) 254-6404
The Food Service Department is proud to serve nutritious breakfasts and lunches every school day. We participate in the National School Lunch Program and meet specific nutrition requirements with every meal offered.

Apply for Free/Reduced Meals


School-Year Menus


Pay for Meals

A standard lunch will be $2.10 for elementary children and $2.20 for middle and high school for 2022-23. Breakfast will be $1.25. An extra elementary lunch entrée is $1.55 and à la carte milk is 40 cents.
The Send Money to School deposit site has been discontinued. Please use the Meal Magic Family Portal going forward to pay for meals. Any funds that were in your Send Money to School account have been automatically transferred to your Meal Magic Family Portal account. 
Set Up a Meal Magic Family Portal Account
  1. Visit Grandville's Meal Magic Family Portal Website.
  2. Click "My Account."
  3. Enter the email you would like to use.
  4. Click "Forgot Passphrase / Unlock Account."
  5. A red bar will appear, asking if you would like to register. Click "Yes" and follow the prompts.
  6. Once the email is confirmed and you are logged in, click "Add Person."
  7. Once added, it will say "Waiting Approval." Your student will be approved shortly after.
  8. Once you log back in, you will be able to deposit money and fill out a Free & Reduced Application if needed. 
Note: If you are using the same email that was registered with Send Money to School, your child/children may already be connected in the Meal Magic Family Portal and you will not need to re-add them.
How does the portal work?
The Meal Magic Family Portal acts as a meal debit system. This system is similar to a bank debit card. Each student is assigned a secure account number. Deposits into the account can be made at any time, or checks can be written to Grandville Schools Food Service.
Parents can make deposits into their student's lunch accounts using a credit or debit card, as well as monitor the items being purchased by their child and view a current balance online. The student's identification number is required to establish an account, and $20 is the minimum deposit accepted. Please call (616) 254-6404 if you have questions.
Low Balance Alerts
Low-balance emails can be sent to you. The opt-in procedure is very simple. Once logged into the Meal Magic Family Portal, click on the Notifications button, check the box to indicate you want to receive low-balance reminders, and set a dollar amount indicating when to send notices. If you previously opted out of all email, uncheck that box to access the low-balance email settings.

Menu Following a Snow Day

In the event of a Snow Day, the menu may change the day the students return. Typically, food items are prepared in advance, so the menu selections that were to be offered on a Snow Day will be offered the following day. After that, the choices usually return to the published schedule. If your child becomes concerned about menu changes, you may want to plan on packing him or her a lunch from home after a Snow Day. 

Carbohydrate Information