Web Accessibility

We are committed to making this website accessible for people with disabilities. If you need assistance accessing any content, please email our website accessibility manager or call (616) 254-6556.
To comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and the 1973 Rehabilitation Act, Grandville Public Schools makes its website more accessible to people with disabilities through a variety of techniques. We use alternative text with photos and images, tags within PDFs, closed captions for videos embedded on the site, and a consistent page structure and headline hierarchy.1 Our website accessibility manager has attended training by the Office of Civil Rights and all principals have attended special training. The Board of Education's complete web accessibility policy can be found on NEOLA.
Some of our documents on this site are in Portable Document Format (PDF). To view them, you may download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.
We check the site with WAVE and Monsido's software, and we provide feedback to our web host when special coding needs to be updated.2,3 Our web host, Edlio, is correcting all platform errors, and states it "is committed to providing a platform that meets Section 508 requirements and Level A conformance to WCAG 2.0." 
Our procurement strategy also reflects our commitment to making technology accessible for people with disabilities. Priority is given to ADA-compliant products that have been proven to be accessible through field testing.
The district's Twitter feed has manually input alternative text and the Facebook feed has automatically generated alternative text. Teacher website platforms are being reviewed to ensure compliance features are in place.
Accessible content is helpful for everyone — not just those with disabilities — and our commitment to accessibility is about more than complying with the law: It is about better serving children. Do not hesitate to contact our accessibility manager to report any problems with any features or content on this site. 
1Older PDFs are currently being reviewed and will be made more accessible or purged as soon as possible.
2Our web host is working on an alternative scrolling mechanism that will allow viewers to manually pause the scrolling text marquee on the home page.
3Note that the contrast errors that WAVE is showing are false errors.