HelpDesk & FAQ

How do I submit a HelpDesk ticket?

Submit a HelpDesk ticket online for assistance with your GPS-owned device. Please select the correct category and describe the problem in detail for a speedier response.

Can I connect to the Internet at home using my Chromebook?

Yes, if you have WiFi at home, you will be able to connect to the Internet using your Chromebook.  The devices are configured to route back to our servers for filtering at the same level you experience while on campus.

I don't have Internet at home.  What can I do?

It's true that there are limitations to what you will be able to do without an Internet connection; however, you can still use your Chromebook by downloading files for use offline. If you need to connect to the internet for research, you will be able to connect at community WiFi locations (library, Biggby's, McDonald's, etc.). Comcast and Charter also offer an affordable monthly plan for qualifying families.

Which grades use iPads?

Students in pre-K through second-grade use iPads. These devices stay at school and are not brought home. Grades 3-12 use Chromebooks that may be brought home for educational use during the school year.

My Chromebook isn't working. What can I try before submitting a ticket?