Bus Policies

Transportation is provided for K-6 students living more than one mile from their school and for 7-12 students living more than 1.5 miles from their school. 
For more information about our policies and procedures, view our handbook.

General Policies

  • Daycare must be in school attendance area. Students must be enrolled in the specific daycare in which they are assigned transportation. 
  • No "friend" riders.
  • Parent, guardian, or daycare provider must be present at bus stop to receive kindergarten students.
  • Students should be at bus stop 5-7 minutes before scheduled time of arrival.
  • Students must get on and off at their assigned bus stop.
  • Students may not switch buses to ride home on a different route.

Daycare Policy

The Grandville Public Schools Transportation Department will allow only two addresses for a student to be picked up or dropped off. The schedule must remain consistent throughout the school year.
 The schedule can be changed under the following conditions:
  1. If the home address or daycare address changes, the parent must notify the transportation department in writing three days prior to the effective date of the change in schedule.
  2. Emergencies will be handled by call the Transportation office. The Transportation Department will give some room in interpreting "emergencies." If the Department believes individual parents are abusing this policy, they will contact the parent to discuss the overall policy and the importance of obeying the policy.
The daycare address must be on an established bus route. A student’s schedule can only be changed according to the two conditions listed above.
This daycare policy has been established for the safety of children.