High School Remote Learning

We are pleased to offer a virtual learning experience for high school students during the 2022-23 school year. Participation requires approval from GHS Administration, and students must demonstrate the ability to be successful in an independent virtual learning environment. 


  • Students participate in an asynchronous model of learning, which means there is no live daily instruction.
  • Virtual students access curriculum on the Odysseyware online learning platform.
  • Students have support and access to a virtual learning coach to help with online class progress.
  • The learning coach will support students with progress updates, answering general questions, resolving technical issues and facilitating end of unit assessments.  
  • There is a portal within the Odysseyware program that allows parents to monitor their child’s progress in each class.
  • Participating students will be asked to make a commitment for a full semester minimum.
Contact our administrative team if you have questions:
Guidance Counselors
Ms. Lori Koza (Last names A-D) – 254-6109, [email protected]
Mrs. Tracy Bloem (Last names E-La) – 254-6422, [email protected]
Mrs. Brittany Steenland (Last names Le-R) – 254-6474, [email protected]
Mr. Lucas Inman (Last names S-Z) – 254-6445, [email protected]
Assistant Principals
Mr. Mike Kennedy- 254-6454, [email protected]
Mrs. Ashlee Buchholz – 254-6435, [email protected]
Send your completed application to your child’s guidance counselor or drop it off at the main office of GHS.