High School Lunch Menu

October 2018 GHS Menu

Fresh fruit, broccoli, baby carrots, and chocolate and white skim milk are offered daily.

American Grill

Baked Crispy Chicken Tenders Combo $3.60
Baked Crispy Chicken Nugget Combo $2.20
Big G Attack Wrap $2.75
Boneless Buffalo Wings Combo $3.25
Chicken Fries $2.20
Double Bacon Cheeseburger $2.75
Popcorn Chicken $2.20
Hot Sandwich Panini Combo $2.75

Flavors of the World

Bosco Stick/Combo $2.90
Little Caesars Pizza/Combo $2.85
Pizza Calzone $2.75

Homestyle Favorites - $2.20

10/1 Hot Ham & Cheese w/Broccoli & Cheese Soup
10/2 Bulldog Bowl
10/3 Caesars Pizza & French Toast w/Sausage
10/4 Pasta Day
10/5 General Tso Bowl or Tangerine Chicken
10/8 Pizza Panini or Mini Corn Dogs
10/9 Bulldog Bowl
10/10 Caesars Pizza or Loaded Fryz
10/11 Pasta Bar
10/12 General Tso Bowl
10/15 Chili Dogs or BBQ Pulled Pork
10/16 Bulldog Bowl
10/17 Caesars Pizza or Chicken Fajitas
10/18 Pasta Bar
10/19 ½ Day
10/22 No School
10/23 Bulldog Bowl
10/24 Caesars Pizza or Tacos (2)
10/25 Pasta Bar
10/26 General Tso Bowl or Tangerine Chicken
10/29 Turkey Bacon Panini or BBQ Beef Rib Sandwich
10/30 Bulldog Bowl
10/31 Caesars Pizza or Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich

The Sandwich Shoppe

Dawg House Salads

Classic Chef Salad - $2.20 - Fresh blend of iceberg & romaine lettuce w/Julienne style strips of low-fat ham & turkey, topped with a sprinkle of shredded cheddar cheese, and a slice of tomato. Served w/choice of fat-free ranch or French dressings.

Chicken Caesar Salad - $2.60 - Grilled chicken strips on a bed of romaine & iceberg lettuce topped with shredded mozzarella cheese & red onion w/ a sprinkle of crunchy croutons. Caesar dressing on the side.

Buffalo Chicken Salad - $2.60 - Spicy buffalo boneless chicken tops a bed of crisp iceberg and romaine lettuce garnished w/ cucumbers, tomatoes, cheese and croutons. Served w/ low-fat dressing.


Healthy Grab and Go - $2.20 - String Cheese, yogurt, graham crackers with fresh fruit and veggies.

Hummus & Pita Chips - $2.20 - Roasted red pepper hummus is served with Stacey’s Pita Chips and fresh fruit and veggies.

Strawberry Parfait Grab and Go - $2.20 - Vanilla yogurt topped w/strawberries and crunchy granola, muffin, cheese stick and seasonal fruit.

Bulldawg Wraps

Wrap//Combo $2.85//$3.60

Dog House Classic Wrap - Ham, turkey & bacon, American cheese, leaf lettuce & tomato topped w/ mayonnaise on a tortilla wrap.

Canal Street Wrap - Choice of Crispy chicken or Oven Roasted Turkey, leaf lettuce, tomato & American cheese topped with peppercorn ranch dressing on a tortilla wrap.

Hot Wing Wrap - Boneless spicy chicken, crisp lettuce, American cheese, peppercorn ranch dressing on a tortilla wrap.

Grandville Public Schools, located at 3839 Prairie SW, will receive and use Federal funds and United States Department of Agriculture donated foods. No person because of race, color, national origin, sex, age or handicap shall be excluded from participation in, be denied benefits of, or be otherwise subjected to discrimination in our United States Department of Agriculture donated food and child nutrition programs. Any person who believes she/she has been discriminated against should write immediately to the Secretary of Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 20250