Closings and Delays

To determine if it's necessary to cancel or delay school, transportation staff and the superintendent drive on roads early in the morning, evaluating conditions throughout the district. The superintendent also reviews information from the National Weather Service. Wind chill is one variable that is considered when evaluating whether or not to cancel or delay school. Student safety is the top criterion used in such decisions.

Closing/Late Start Notices

If school will be closed or delayed, it will be announced on local stations as well as the home page of You may also receive text, voice or email closing alerts directly from our administration: Just sign up to receive emergency notices through your Infinite Campus account.

Evening Activities

K-8 and Community Education after-school and evening student activities are canceled if school is closed due to inclement weather, such as on snow days or heat days, unless otherwise authorized by the superintendent. The status of GHS games and activities will be announced at noon.

Two-Hour Delays

Buses will pick up students two hours later than normal, and school will begin two hours later than normal.

Treehouse Daycare

When school is closed, Treehouse Daycare will remain open unless there is a loss of power or heat, or an emergency. If Treehouse must close, it will be announced by FOX 17, WOOD TV, WZZM and on the home page of


In the event of a two-hour delay, there will be no a.m. preschool. If school is closed, both a.m. and p.m. preschool will be canceled.

Tornado Policy

Tornado Watches: Students will not be dismissed early during a tornado watch. They will be dismissed at the normal time. Personnel in the Administration Building and Transportation Department will monitor conditions. The district will not begin an after-school function during a tornado watch or warning. Activities that are underway when a watch is called will be allowed to continue and those underway when a warning is called will cease, and participants will be asked to take cover.
We do not dismiss early during a tornado watch for the following reasons:
A. The dangers to children during a period of excitement and disorganization (bus connections missed because of schedule time changes, etc.) are increased if school is dismissed early.
B. Traffic during emergency periods presents a hazard to students when school is dismissed at an unscheduled time.
C. Most parents wish their children to be under school supervision until regular dismissal time.
D. There will be a delay while waiting to get bus drivers in, and another delay for some students, while they wait for the first group of students to be bussed home.
E. Many children would be going home to an empty house.

Tornado Warnings: Students will not be dismissed during a tornado warning even if it is dismissal time. If a tornado warning is issued, students will be ushered to predetermined shelter areas in their building. Students will not be dismissed until the National Weather Service issues an all-clear bulletin. Please do not call school during a tornado watch or warning.

Early Dismissal

If there is a reason for a school to be dismissed after the school day has begun, such as sudden power outage, loss of heat, or weather, the following procedure will be used:
  • Local radio and television stations will be notified of any early dismissal, and the information will be shared on the home page of and through Infinite Campus.
  • Grades K-6: Students will be taken to an alternate site until custodial parent/guardian picks them up. At regular dismissal time, bus students who have not been picked up will be transported home. Those students who walk will be transported back to their home school and will be dismissed from there.
  • Grades 7-12: Students will be dismissed with bus transportation being provided as usual for bus riders. Students who walk or drive to school will walk or drive home.