Bond Construction Updates

  • The Grandville Education Center on Fairlanes is now open. It houses some of our preschool and daycare programs as well as Pathways. A second expansion of this space will take place throughout the next year and open in fall 2021.
  • Air conditioning has been installed in all remaining elementary buildings.
  • The high school pool received cosmetic updates and improved electrical and mechanical systems.
  • Plans for our new middle school and robotics center are underway, to be completed by fall 2023.
  • Renovations for the 5-6 building (the current middle school) are being planned and will be completed by fall 2024.
  • Other upgrades, including bus garage upgrades, new musical instruments, and safety and security upgrades, are also being planned.
Our construction management partner, Owen Ames Kimball, will update this design and construction blog periodically if you'd like to see photos of changes in the district. You can also follow our bond construction Facebook page.

7-8 Building Site Plan

The site plan below was presented by GMB Architects & Engineers to the Board of Education on Oct. 5, 2020. Watch the recording of the board presentation on YouTube.
site plan
Q-&-A with Neighboring Property Owners
We are happy to answer any questions neighbors might have about construction. Click on each question below to reveal the answer.
We are protecting the 25 feet closest to the property line. The GMB architect was talking about there being approximately 15 feet of woods in the residents back yards, so there would be roughly 40 feet of trees and brush remaining.
The intent is to connect to the path from Brookcrest to allow for students walking/riding bikes to school from the neighborhood. We will continue to review the parking spots to see what can be added. We will follow up with you on parking counts / location.
We believe the buffer distance, trees, and other potential landscape should help with this, not to mention the sight lines being lower than normal. Initially, we do not plan to install a privacy fence.
Grading of the property is slated to begin the first week of November. Construction vehicles will enter off of the Canal side until the roadway from 52nd is developed in the next bid package. The entry from Wilson and subsequent existing parking would be used for construction workers personal vehicles.
The current design and budget do not call for restrooms. The District anticipates using portable toilets for the limited amount of events and activities that happen there throughout the non-winter seasons.