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Summer Reading & Math Practice for All Grades

Without practice over the summer, students typically lose two to three months of learning. This summer regression can be avoided with a little reading and math practice. We have separate plans for elementary, middle and high school students. Please go by what grade the student will be entering this fall. For example, a child who just finished eighth grade should use the high school plan.
Below is everything you need. If you have any questions, contact Assistant Superintendent Scott Merkel at (616) 254-6557.

Elementary Reading 

Goal: Every child should read 6 to 10 good-fit, high interest books this summer.
What to do: 
1. Pick a good book.
2. Read & enjoy.
3. Record your book on ​this reading log.
4. Pick a new book & repeat!
Resources & Incentives:
1. KDL resources - info & book recommendations
    a. Complete their reading log for prizes!
2. Barnes & Noble resources
    a. Book recommendations by grade level
    b. Complete their reading log to earn a free book!
​        English - ​Espanol
1. Prioritize reading by setting aside time daily. This is a great way to unwind or disconnect from screen time.
2. Have family reading time. This can be many beneficial formats:  
  • Read with your child. Read aloud to them and have them read aloud to you. This is great practice for listening skills and reading fluency.
  • Parents reading their own books is great modeling. Choose a book and participate. Independent reading is still good together time!

Elementary Math

Goal: 30 to 60 minutes of math practice (15 to 20 minutes two or three times) each week.
What to do:
1. Access a math program online (see options below).
2. Choose an appropriate grade level standard or topic.
3. Practice 2 - 3 times each week.
4. Record your practice on ​this progress chart.
Program Options:
1. TenMarks - This is our main practice site for grades 3 - 6. Students in those grades can log into their account and already have a personalized practice list assigned to them. Students in other grades can create a free account and choose skills and topics for practice.
2. Khan Academy - this free online practice site has content for all grades. Sign up for a free account and choose the appropriate grade level.
3. Other classroom/student accounts: Happy Numbers, Splash Math, X-tra Math or Front Row. If your child’s teacher sent home log in information about these programs, feel free to use them for practice!
1. Practice math at least two to three times each week. This does not need to be a long amount of time. 15 - 20 minutes each session is very helpful.
2. In addition to these math sites, play games together. Board games, card games and dice games are a great way to sneak in math alongside some fun family time.
3. Talk with kids about where you see math in real life. Solve mental math problems together.

Middle School Reading

Goal: Read 1500 pages over the summer. Complete the practice requirements for reading and/or math and earn a sweet prize. Details to come.
Option #1:
a.Choose a good book.
b.Read that book.
c. Document your reading on this chart.

Option #2:
a.Participate in the program
b.Print completed sheet and turn in one form to the KDL and one form to GMS.

Middle School Math

Seventh Graders: Complete 15 TenMarks assignments.
1. Log into your TenMarks account.
2. Complete an assignment assigned following your year-end assessment.
3. Repeat 14 times.
Eighth Graders: Complete 10 modules of math practice.
1. Log into your Khan Academy account. If you do not already have an account,creating one is easy.
2. Complete a math module.
3. Document your practice on this chart.
4. Repeat 9 times.

High School Reading

Goal: Read 1500 pages this summer.
1. Choose a good book.
2. Read that book.
3. Document your reading on this chart.
4. Repeat.

High School Math

1. Log into your Khan Academy account.
2. Complete the “Making Progress” Meteorite Badge.
3. You’ll achieve mastery in seven unique skills.
High School Rewards
Complete the reading and/or math practice requirements and get sweet prizes!

1. Complete one of the subject requirements and choose between the following: 
  • Half-off discount on a student parking pass
  • Free admission pass to all fall season home athletic events
2. Complete BOTH of the requirements and earn both prizes.
3. Complete half of the reading and half of the math requirements. We’ll do the math and give you the choice of one of the incentives.
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