Seal of Biliteracy Recipients Announced

We are thrilled to announce the outstanding achievement of 31 Grandville High School students who have earned the prestigious Michigan Seal of Biliteracy. This accolade signifies their remarkable proficiency in a language other than English, encompassing their abilities in reading, writing and speaking at an intermediate high level.
This award is a testament to the dedication, hard work and commitment these students have shown in mastering a second language. Their accomplishment will be commemorated with a special seal on their diploma, a personal letter from the state superintendent and eligibility to wear distinctive cords at graduation.
Their achievement not only reflects their individual diligence but also highlights the strength of the District's language education programs. Assistant Principal Mike Kennedy wrote in an announcement to staff, "I want to thank our World Language Departments at the Middle School and High School, as well as ML [multilingual learner] program teachers across the district for all their work to prepare and support our students."
Congratulations again to the students listed below for receiving this accolade:
Anaya-Gallegos Angela
Barksdale Chayse
Berens Maddison
Block Quinn
Burns Carly
Campbell Shelby
Cano-Rojas Nicolas
Celebuski Kyrstie
Dombrowski Ashley
Ferguson Daniel
Gomez Yamilet
Herbst Joslyn
Jaarsma Sydney
Kornoely Eleanor
Lopez Nayeli
Mar-Pulido Shaila
Marshall Avah
Miller Lilia
Morales Nellie
Nian Pinrui
Olivares-Morales Ayelen
Paul Mackenzie
Ramirez Sophia
Ramirez-Salinas America
Randall Alyssa
RoqueBracho Lianney
Rosas Teresa
Suwal Megan
VandeKerkhof Avaree
VeNard Micah