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Please choose from the menu on the right. Staff forms that were previously found here have been moved to a shared drive on the district's computer network. Forms for personal leave, status change, personnel file review, and more can be accessed through a district computer.

Payroll FAQ

I have a question about my paycheck. Contact Lisa Herbst in the Business Office.


I need to update banking and deposit information for my paycheck. Contact Lisa Herbst.


I need to figure out how much I still owe on my years of credit I purchased. Contact Lisa Herbst.


For any questions about payroll, tax forms, ORS, or direct deposit changes, contact payroll coordinator Lisa Herbst at 254-6564 or (don’t forget the 1 after her name) or payroll support Amy McCasland at or 254-6591.


I have a question about my sick balance or vacation time. Contact the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources.

How does FMLA work? Do I qualify for FMLA or child care leave? Contact the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources.

I am dealing with a personal crisis involving legal matters. Who should I inform?  Contact the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources if you’d like to share the crisis and its implications on your employment.

I have a funeral situation that is complicated. Who do I call to talk about it? Contact the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources.

What is the "address of your employer?” 3839 Prairie St. SW, Grandville, MI 49418

Who should we put down for a number for employment verification on loan applications? Contact the HR assistant at 254-6573 for verbal verifications. Written verifications should be faxed to 616-254-6549.

I want to get information on retirement investments. Contact the Office of Retirement Services at for information specific to your retirement account. For information on what you need to supply to Grandville Public Schools, contact the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources.


How do we submit mileage? Find forms on the Business/Finance Dept. page and use interoffice mail to forward your completed form to payroll.


Tax ID

What’s the tax ID for Grandville if I’m buying something for my classroom? Contact accounts payable in the Business Office at 254-6590.


For any other questions about invoices, purchasing, account questions and tax-exempt certificates, contact the accounts payable staff at 254-6590.
For questions about food service invoices, deposits and accounts receivable, contact Lorie Prelewitz at 254-6563 or via email.


For questions about accounting, building budgets and p-cards, contact Jasen Rademacher at 254-6582 or via email.

Insurance & Benefits

I just had a baby. Who do I call about insurance? Contact Susan Parzych, benefits coordinator in the Business Office.


I got married and need to change my name and add my husband. Contact Susan Parzych. (To also have your last name changed in the web staff directory, email communications coordinator Jill Vaandering.)


For any other insurance or benefits questions, contact Susan Parzych at 254-6585 or via email.

Special Events

I want to invite people to a big school event. Announcements sent from school offices thru Infinite Campus are the best way to reach families. Use to send info about your HS event to the HS office. School office staff should add the event to their school Google calendar — this is one of Top 5 most clicked web features. Email "all staff" to invite district staff, too. Email past attendees, and spread the word on your personal social media pages. A press release is suggested for ticketed events but needs two to three weeks advance notice — contact Jill Vaandering via email or at 254-6556.


It’s a Snow Day. Can an after-school or evening event I planned go as scheduled? Please alert the superintendent (or the athletic director for sports) about your dilemma and then contact your students/parents via Infinite Campus or email with the decision that is reached. Because not everyone is properly signed up for notifications, please also notify Jill Vaandering to add it to the running list of cancellations (or non-cancellations) on the home page.


I’m going to be doing an exciting new lesson in my classroom. Who do I contact? Contact Jill Vaandering a week before the event so we can get high-resolution photos for publishing. If the news is worthy of a long feature, it may be referred to the KISD’s School News Network.


How can someone reserve an auditorium, school gym, swimming pool, computer lab or other facilities? Both residents and nonresidents call Community Ed: 254-6553.