Grandville Public School District


Points of Pride

25 Reasons Why Grandville Means Opportunity

  1. Year after year, Grandville makes the U.S. News & World Report Best High Schools list (2014, 2015, 2016).
  2. Our district was named a Niche "2017 Best School Districts in America" Award winner.
  3. 82 percent of our Advanced Placement students pass their AP exams for college credit with a score of 3 or better. This is 22 percent higher than the global average and 18 percent higher than the state average for 2016. GHS has also earned the College Board Honor Roll Award.
  4. Average ACT college entrance exam scores are above both the state and county scores. The average SAT Score was 1069 in 2016.
  5. Our teaching staff is 100 percent highly qualified.
  6. Grandville High School received the coveted Blue Ribbon School Award in 2006, which never expires.
  7. Our Seminar class ensures high school students have one hour every week to focus on career planning or receive additional academic support.
  8. Our state-of-the-art Emergency Medical Technician program meets the needs of both college-bound and career-focused students. Our EMTs head off to pre-med and pre-nursing programs at some of the most prestigious schools in our state and region. Students who pass their certification test are fully qualified EMTs and can apply for positions as soon as they graduate high school.
  9. More than 275 GHS students participate on an academic team each year.
  10. Our K-12 robotics program receives state, national and international recognition and is housed in its own dedicated science building. The RoboDawgs have produced parts used in a NASA space launch, and they were featured in The Wall Street Journal for their near-space balloon launch. In 2017, Grandville won the state VEX championship title.
  11. More than 72 percent of Grandville High School students are on the Honor Roll.
  12. 64 percent of our teachers possess a master's degree or doctorate.
  13. Our IMAGE program provides challenging opportunities for gifted students in the areas of research, creativity and technology.
  14. Our elementary arts programming remains strong: Students receive art and music instruction each week from art and music teachers.
  15. Our innovative peer-to-peer program matches students on the autism spectrum with neurotypical peers to enhance their social skills; authentic friendships form.
  16. We adhere to the "be nice." anti-bullying program, which was pioneered by one of our school board members and has been rolled out nationally.
  17. Grandville has Green, Emerald and Energy Star schools.
  18. We offer award-winning vocal, band and orchestra programs for grades 6-12.
  19. Strong community support is evidenced by passage of a $75.2 million bond proposal in 2013 to upgrade facilities, including new building entrances with enhanced security features.
  20. Grandville has the #1 healthiest housing market in Michigan according to a Smart Asset study.
  21. Our students consistently score above both the state and county averages in all subject areas on the M-STEP and MME.
  22. Every fourth through 12th grader has a Chromebook and every K-3 student has access to an iPad as part of a one-to-one initiative.
  23. Grandville has a 95.3 percent graduation rate.
  24. Students are college-ready: 83 percent of graduates attend college or technical school upon graduation (Class of 2014). GHS has produced National Merit Scholars, and graduates have been accepted at prestigious universities, including Yale, Princeton, West Point, Notre Dame, Johns Hopkins, the University of Chicago, NYU and USC. The average GPA of our Top Ten is 4.31.
  25. Grandville has a long tradition of athletic excellence in Division I and features 29 varsity teams, ranging from ice hockey and gymnastics to water polo, lacrosse and bowling. The Bulldogs rank in the top 20 best athletic programs in the state.
Most importantly, there is a place for every child to fit in here. From Culture Club to Photography Club, Mosaic Literature to Engine Technology, Web Design to Forensic Science, and EMT to Personal Finance courses, there are extensive academic and extracurricular opportunities for all students to find and become their authentic selves.