Remote Learning FAQ

Click the arrows below to view the answer to each question. Please contact your child's teacher if you have any other questions. Elementary remote teachers were assigned the week of Aug. 17-21.

Schedule and Attendance

No. They will have breaks spaced throughout the remote school day to allow for independent work after mini-lessons. It's a full day of learning and activities, just like in school. There will be between 2 to 4 hours of live instruction daily, depending on the grade level. Although connections and relationships with their teacher and peers are harder to achieve in remote settings, they are still important. Through conversations, the students and teacher can learn more about each other.
Our current plan is to offer remote learning through June 2021.
Secondary students will follow their daily class schedule, just as if they were doing in-person learning. They will receive direct instruction, work with others on team projects, and work independently at other times so that they are not in one long Google Meet. Elementary students will start their day around 8:30 a.m. with a morning meeting with their teacher and classmates and alternate throughout the day between blocks of live and independent work. Students will be able to collaborate with other learners, and teachers will be available to answer questions and provide feedback during the day. 
We are purposefully creating a schedule with specific times for live instruction. That said, we also understand that learning at home does not always follow a schedule, due to responsibilities and circumstances. Lessons will be recorded and available for anyone who misses, and there will be opportunities and instructions for making up any missed lessons. 
Attendance can be determined by engagement in activities, completion of assignments and communication with the remote teacher.
Contact your child's principal to begin a discussion. Students will need to work through a process with building administration to determine a plan for re-entry. There are several safety and scheduling considerations that will help determine the decision.


Grandville teachers with subject and grade-level expertise will be teaching live. This is not a third-party, off-the-shelf virtual program.
Grandville AP teachers will teach the remote AP classes. All classes offered in person at GHS are offered in a remote setting.
Remote students who require special education services will still be able to connect virtually with providers and teachers, whether it's for social work, speech or occupational therapy. Students may receive services individually or in a small group format. If the IEP needs to be amended or revised in any way, that will be workable as well.

Devices and Platforms

Chromebooks are available for students in grades 3-12 and iPads are available for grades K-2.
YK through second grade will use Seesaw. Grades 3-12 will use Google Classroom.

Curriculum and Courses

Students will be engaged in the same Grandville curriculum as in-person students and have access to the same materials and devices. There will still be student-teacher interaction and small group discussions. Lessons are recorded in case a student misses a live session. 
There will be direct instruction, modeling, student practice and teacher feedback.
We expect our online classes to be similar in size to our in-person classes in order to meet individual needs.
Our teachers will guide, observe, use assistive tools, and have additional support staff in place for struggling remote students.
Through a balance of video, project-based learning and live lessons.

Extracurriculars and Athletics

Remote students can participate in extracurricular & athletic activities as long as they meet the same grade, attendance and behavior expectations as in-person students. Remote students must actively participate in their online learning, complete their assignments, communicate with their remote teachers and "attend" their remote classes regularly.