Operating Millage Summary

Grandville Public Schools has always had an operating millage. It is a required millage as part of our state funding structures for a period of time on non-homestead properties (not your owned primary home). Our current millage is set to expire in December 2023. We are asking voters to consider whether to restore our millage back to 18 mills with an additional 1 mill that would be held to offset future rollbacks that would reduce our millage to below 18 mills. The 1 mill would only be used to restore rollbacks if needed.
The operating millage is used for day-to-day operations, including staff costs, instructional programs, instructional supplies, transportation and maintenance. This money cannot be credibly replaced by other sources. If this millage is defeated, the District would lose $15.7 million dollars in revenue, which would significantly deplete our staffing and support programs for students.

Home Exemption

The taxes on your owned primary home would not go up if this proposal passes and will not go down if this proposal fails. Businesses across Michigan are subject to a school operating millage in every community.