K-6 Remote Instruction Schedule

Below is a visual draft, but please note it is just a draft. We know that daily schedules will vary based on grade levels, current learning content and type of ongoing projects. A few considerations we prioritize in planning these structures:
  1. We will make sure remote students have live instruction and a lot of live connection with our teachers. Our goal is to balance a schedule to provide some structure, but also required flexibility for remote learning.
  2. Our day will likely begin around 8:30 a.m., similar to our in-person learning day.
  3. We will balance live instruction with independent work and breaks, so it will not be a full day of staring at a teacher on a screen.
  4. During times away from live instruction, teachers will be available for questions and working with individuals and small groups.
  5. We will provide flexibility for students to make up lessons they cannot see live. We understand life happens differently at home than at school. Again, our goal is balance and flexibility.