IMAGE Gifted Education

Phone: 254-6092
The IMAGE (Identified Member of Academically Gifted Education) program is a pull-out program for academically talented students in grades 3-6. The IMAGE program serves students who live in and/or attend a public or private school in the Grandville school district. Students in the program work on projects that incorporate higher level thinking skills and research skills. The program is intended to serve the needs of academically gifted students by offering them engaging units that will challenge them and offer the opportunity to study independently in self-selected areas of interest, as well as to interact with other students of similar interests and abilities.

The teaching style in the program aims to match the learning characteristics of gifted students. The pace in teaching basic skills is accelerated, and the greatest emphasis is placed on challenging the students in the areas of higher-level thinking, research skills and technology.

The IMAGE program is currently housed at Grandville Middle School. Students are bused to this location for class one half day per week.

How Does a Student Qualify for the Program?
IMAGE identification is based on test scores from nationally normed standardized ability and achievement tests. Parents will be contacted in the spring of their student’s 2nd grade year.

Retesting Information:
We offer a retesting opportunity for students in grades 3, 4, and 5 each spring. If a student is nominated (by a teacher or parent) and meets the minimum requirements from the MAP achievement test, he/she may then be further tested with the InView abilities test. The district MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) achievement test will be administered by their classroom teacher to all 3rd-5th grade students this spring. IMAGE staff will review the MAP achievement scores when they become available and parents of nominated students will be notified if further ability testing will take place. If further testing does take place, a student will spend approximately 2 hours being tested by the IMAGE staff. This will take place in the home schools during the last week two weeks of school.

Testing and Retesting Nomination Forms:
Nomination forms will become available in April at each elementary building. A student may be nominated by a teacher, parent, or a principal. Once the MAP achievement scores are reviewed, parents of nominated students who qualify for further testing will be notified before ability testing will take place. Parents of a student who is tested with the InView abilities test will also be notified at the end of the school year with their child’s test results. If you have any questions, please contact Kyle Anderson at 254-6092.
How Do I Know If My Child Is a Gifted Learner and Should Be Nominated?
There is a difference between a bright child and a gifted learner. See the "Bright Child vs. Gifted Learner" descriptions for more information.