K-5 Remote Learning

Grandville Public Schools is pleased to offer a remote option for our elementary students in K-5. (Sixth-grade remote students will be looped in with our middle school remote program instead of our elementary program.) Daily attendance is required and a year-long commitment will be expected. The application link is below.
Remote learning options are intended for a small percentage of students, possibly due to unique circumstances or need, who would succeed in a virtual classroom and learning environment. All special services and programs may not be available in the virtual learning environment. Certain services and programs may require in-person learning.
Important Update for 2022-23
child learning remotely with teacher on laptopWe originally envisioned multi-age classrooms for our remote elementary learning option. However, our current participation numbers do not support the feasibility of that structure. We remain committed to offering a virtual option for all our students. Through exploration of possible options, including conversation with our neighboring districts, we have decided the best educational option is to partner with other local districts as part of a virtual collaboration for K-5 virtual programming.
This collaboration is run through Kelloggsville Public Schools, but students remain connected to Grandville. Program highlights include: 
  • Classes are taught by Kelloggsville virtual teachers, but for extra support, students will also have a Grandville learning mentor. The mentor will check in with students regularly for support and be available to help if needed.
  • Students remain enrolled as Grandville students.
  • The teachers will use both asynchronous (recorded) and synchronous (live) lessons and a specific virtual curriculum.
  • There is a balance of live instruction, recorded lessons, and independent student work.
  • The daily schedule is 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., with lesson support and live lessons available. Every morning begins with a live check in and lesson with the classroom teacher. Each day ends with virtual Q-&-A sessions from 2 to 3 p.m.
  • Students receive grade-level learning Reading, Writing, Math, Science and Social Studies.
  • Lessons are organized and coordinated through a Learning Management System (LMS) called Schoology. This is similar to our use of Seesaw.
  • Specials are offered daily, including Art, Music or Physical Education. 
While this varies from our previously communicated plan for elementary virtual learning, the collaboration with neighboring districts offers some enhancements we could not create through our own solo program. Two examples of this are that students are solely placed in a single grade-level classroom, rather than the multi–age grouping we proposed, and specials classes are already integrated. Additionally, the local Grandville mentor will provide an extra layer of support for students. 
We are proud to have the positive relationship with our neighbors that allows this collaboration and opportunity to maintain a virtual program offering for our community. We are confident this program will support and maintain the high academic standards we strive to achieve for all our students. 

Elementary Remote Program Contact

If you have questions, contact your building principal or Mr. Scott Merkel.