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July 31, 2020
Dear Parent:
August is upon us! We have been planning all summer to provide our students with a quality Grandville education no matter the situation. While quite different than any other school year in history, we are committed to making 2020-21 exceptional. Here are some details:
School is scheduled to begin on Monday, August 24. At this time, we plan to begin as scheduled. If that changes, we will let you know as soon as possible.
Currently, we are in Phase 4 of the Return to School Roadmap created by our state as a guidance document for schools. This means we are able to provide in-person instruction with some requirements and a robust remote learning option for those families not ready to send their son or daughter back to school yet. If you have not seen Phase 4 of the Roadmap, please view it at beginning on page 21.
If at anytime throughout the school year we fall back into Phases 1-3, we will be in a 100% fully remote learning situation. We are planning for this! All teachers are being trained, and we will be ready when/if this happens.

In-Person Learning

We have developed this detailed Grandville Return to School document for you to view explaining the process and procedures for how in-person learning will take place in Phase 4 or 5 of the Return to School Roadmap. Again, please focus on Phase 4 at this time as that is where we are. This document summarizes the operations of a typical in-person school day, including specific safety measures in place. We ask that you please review this document. If you have any questions, please contact us by email or phone. This document covers everything from wearing masks, distancing, and cleaning protocols.
To summarize some key components of the Grandville in-person Phase 4 plan:
  1. Facial Coverings - All YK-12 staff and students will be required to wear a mask for facial covering unless a medical clearance by a medical physician is on file. Of course, students will not have to wear a mask while eating but will be spaced as close to 6 feet as possible.
  2. Social Distancing - We are preparing all buildings to utilize social distancing space as close to 6 feet as possible. This is considered a strong recommendation from the State of Michigan Roadmap, but hard for any school to make reality at all times. While we cannot guarantee 6 feet of spacing at all times, we will be distancing as close to 6 feet as we possibly can. Again, it is not a requirement from the state’s back-to-school document, but one we are trying to make as close to a reality as possible.
  3. Sanitization/Cleaning - Will be conducted on a regular basis throughout the school day.
  4. Visitors - No visitors or volunteers in Phase 4.
  5. Staff/Student Illness - We will be working directly with the Health Department when there is a possible virus exposure or illness. They will guide us in regards to any possible quarantine or tracing.
The Grandville Return to School Plan is designed to eliminate or greatly reduce flare-ups so we can have students and staff in school. Please help us follow this plan with fidelity! Please read the entire Phase 4 section of the Grandville Return to School document.

Remote Learning

The other option we will be offering is a robust remote learning option that mirrors as close as possible a typical in-person school day. Remote learning will be taught by a certified Grandville teacher. Lessons will take place in a synchronous (real time) format as if the student were in person in the classroom. Lessons will be recorded in case a lesson is missed or there is a need for a review or reteaching opportunity.
Again, this will not be the experience students had this past spring. It will be mirroring the in-person school experience in regards to what is taught and when it is taught. Students will have a daily schedule with regular school-like teacher interaction and experiences that take place within the classroom. Elementary students will be a part of a classroom and secondary students will have a normal class schedule with hourly teacher interaction, some small group work, independent work, and, when not live, a way to ask the teacher questions and get feedback.
If there are special circumstances where your child requires an asynchronous (not real time) remote learning experience, please contact your building principal and we will set up an appointment to discuss potential options.

Social-Emotional Support

Supporting student social-emotional well-being is a priority of our in-person and remote plans. The pandemic has created social unrest and anxiety in some of our students. Our staff will focus on the five CASEL competencies, including the ability to help students process and manage their emotions, set and achieve positive goals, maintain positive relationships, feel and show empathy for others, and make responsible decisions. These areas will continue to be at the forefront of support systems that you can expect from our counselors and mental health experts.

Additional Information

  • Here is a visual summary of our Return to School options for the 2020-2021 school year.
  • Still wondering how remote learning this fall will be different than in the spring? Watch this video with additional information from me and a few of our teachers sharing specific information about the structure of our planned remote learning.

Decision Due by Aug. 5

After reviewing the information provided, we ask you to commit to the choice you prefer for your child to begin the 2020-21 school year, assuming we remain in Phase 4 or 5 of the Return to School Roadmap. Follow the button below to complete a survey to select your learning option. Please complete the survey by 4 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 5. This will help us assign teachers for elementary students and assign a class schedule for secondary students. Again, reach out to us by phone or email with any questions you may have.
select learning option
We are planning a question-and-answer parent webinar for next Tuesday from 7-8 p.m. We will send the Zoom link out for this by the end of the day Monday. UPDATE: Zoom link Password: 905991
We eagerly anticipate the beginning of the new school year! We will continue to communicate information as we get closer to Aug. 24. Thank you for your time and continued partnership. Together, we will make this an incredible school year for our kids!
Roger Bearup
Roger Bearup
Grandville Public Schools
(616) 254-6571