Oct. 15 Letter to Families

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Oct. 15, 2020
Dear Parents and Guardians:
We are so thankful that we have been able to provide a choice of either in-person learning or remote learning for the past eight weeks. Although not perfect, if you would have told me going into the year that we would be eight weeks in and that the school journey would be where it is at, I would have been quite happy. This has been the work of many hands, including our phenomenal staff and administration, our exceptional students, and of course the amazing parent and community partnerships we have with all of you!
I am writing because we need your help. According to the health department, our mitigation strategies in school have been working. Our school positive cases have been manageable, school staff and student quarantine cases resulting in another positive case are almost zero, and we continue to be able to expand options for our students in regards to activities. Great things to celebrate!
So why do we need your help? I have a weekly meeting with the health department on Wednesdays. What I heard yesterday is alarming and could impact our ability to continue the options we have in place if conditions don’t improve. As many of you have heard, cases continue to rise. The data points to increases in some school districts, but really shows that gatherings on weekends and outside of school are rapidly increasing and especially impacting our older generations as well as people who may be compromised due to a health condition.
In an attempt to be proactive in trying to maintain options and some sense of normalcy for our students, I ask that you please reflect with your family about how we can all show an abundance of caution for each other, extended loved ones, and friends. I know it is your choice and your right. I respect that, and probably like you, I certainly have COVID-19 fatigue.
But, I do know I want our students to have experiences and for families to have options regarding how their kids are educated, and I want to respect the need to keep our older generations and medically compromised citizens safe.
I appreciate your consideration and assistance. Thank you for your time and partnership and GO BULLDOGS!
Roger Bearup
Roger Bearup
Grandville Public Schools