Letter to In-Person Elementary Families

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November 16, 2020
Dear In-Person Elementary Families:
Last night, in a new emergency order under the Michigan Public Health Code, further regulations were put into action beginning this Wednesday, November 18. Per the new order, high schools will be engaged in remote learning with a tentative end date of December 9.
As we look at Kindergarten through eighth grade, we find we are able to offer in-person learning if truly needed. Like our high school, our middle school students are already on a remote schedule allowing for students who absolutely need to be in person due to internet connectivity, no home supervision outside of school, etc., to be supervised in person.
In our elementary buildings, while in-person transmission is low, we are running into the same staffing and substitute issues due to quarantine, isolation, and caring for loved ones who are impacted from the community spread. We are at a point where we are barely able to function as we have the past twelve weeks.
After a great deal of consideration, discussion and planning, we have decided to transition our elementary schools to a temporary remote environment, similar to our secondary schools. Here is the schedule for this transition:
  1. We will have in-person school Monday and Tuesday this week.
  2. Wednesday and Thursday students will participate in asynchronous (not live) remote learning. Our staff will be using these days for training and planning robust remote learning, similar to the experiences of our current elementary remote classrooms.
  3. Friday, November 20, robust remote learning will begin with live teacher-student interaction and lessons designed to mirror what students would learn in-person.
  4. On Monday, November 23 and Tuesday, November 24, school will be closed PK-12.
  5. On Monday, November 30, remote learning will resume until the tentative end of the health order, which is currently scheduled for December 9.
If you currently have an in-person elementary student and have absolutely no option for your child to learn remotely at home due to lack of any possible childcare, no internet connection, etc., we will have a plan where your child can be still transported to and from our school buildings. Students will be supervised by our support staff as they participate in their classroom’s remote learning experience. They will practice proper spacing, wearing of masks, and cohorting of groups of students. Look for information from your child’s school later today to sign up for this option.
We know this time continues to be an unprecedented and challenging journey. We worked hard to find a model we believe will provide an effective education for our students, while implementing a safer environment for all and providing options to meet a variety of family needs. For parents who absolutely have no other option than for their student to be in-person at school, we have an opportunity to do so.
We had a great twelve-week run! Let’s hope we can help flatten the community spread so we can return to the model we have enjoyed! Thank you for your continued partnership and flexibility. More details will be forthcoming.
Roger Bearup
Roger Bearup