Dec. 3 Letter to Parents

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Dec. 3, 2020
Dear Parent or Guardian:
We hope you had a great Thanksgiving. As we continue to analyze current COVID-19 trends in our area, it is apparent to us that extending our current Kindergarten through 12th grade remote educational delivery is the safest and most effective option at this time.
Local positivity rates for the Grandville area are still well above 10%. Therefore, we will continue our remote schedule of instruction for students. We will also continue an in-person supervision opportunity for students who absolutely need to be present due to internet connectivity, no home supervision outside of school, etc.
This structure will continue through December 18, which is the last day before the holiday break. Our intent after these eight additional remote school days is to return to the pre-health order, in-person schedule on Monday, January 4. We will continue to monitor our local and county data during the break to determine the most appropriate return to school in January.
While the Health Department has strongly advised high schools to continue remote learning through January 15, we will monitor the local data and make decisions based on current numbers. In addition, they continue to recommend that middle schools and elementary schools only allow in-person learning when they can space appropriately throughout the day. Our current remote model allows us to do this within our buildings.
We understand that this creates additional challenges for our students, staff, and families. As COVID-19 numbers increase, the impact from holiday gatherings looms, and our discussions with local health officials continue, we feel this is the best decision at this time. We take the health and safety of our students and staff very seriously. Again, if you find you absolutely need your son or daughter to be supervised and supported by members of our staff while they engage in remote learning, we have that option available through December 18. We will continue to provide transportation for those who need it. Please contact your child’s office should you have questions regarding setting this up.
We appreciate your continued partnership as we navigate the situations presented to us. While we do not like adding an additional 8 days to our remote schedule for our kids who were in-person earlier in the year, we do know that it is what we need to do to safely educate our students based on the current data and situation. We do believe this should get us to a much better situation in mid-January!
Roger Bearup
Roger Bearup, Grandville Superintendent