Seventh Grade Immunizations

According to state law, all students entering seventh grade in a public school in Michigan need to have their immunizations reviewed and updated if needed. In addition to the vaccines required at kindergarten entry, there are two immunizations that are specifically required for seventh grade: the Tdap and Meningitis vaccines. We are in the process of entering the data for our current sixth graders, and you will receive a letter if your child needs additional immunizations for seventh grade entry. All students entering seventh grade will need to have their immunizations up to date before school begins in August.

If you have philosophical or religious reasons to waive vaccinations, you must contact the local Health Department to obtain a waiver. If your child has a medical condition that prohibits vaccines, you will need to obtain a medical waiver on the State of Michigan Medical Contraindication form, which your healthcare provider can access from the state immunization program.
Updated April 28, 2017