Bulldogs Well Represented at DECA Competition

Grandville High School students continue to prove their business acumen through DECA, a national organization that supports the development of marketing and management skills in career areas such as hospitality, finance, sales and service, business administration and entrepreneurship. Interest in Grandville's DECA program is strong, with its membership doubling each year since its inception four years ago.
Pictured here, a total of 97 GHS students competed at the District 2 Conference at Ferris State University on Jan. 7, 2020. (Click photo to enlarge.) They were judged in practical, real-world business situations. No school had more students at the competition than Grandville.
Below is a list of the GHS students who qualify for the Michigan DECA State Career Development Conference at Detroit's Cobo Hall on March 5-7. Congratulations to each of them as well as their advisors, business teacher John Schwalm and Dog Den manager Leesa Burrill.

Apparel and Accessories

Olivia Meyering

Automotive Services

Kameron Warren

Sathyam Sareen

Business Finance Service

Alex Clark

Business Service Marketing

Carson Smigiel


Riley Fahner

Connor Rigterink

Hotel and Lodging Management

Lexie Collar

Grace Dieterman

Taylor Sheldon

Human Resources Management

Jose Pepin

Olivia Troost

Marketing Communications Marketing

Rylee Ketchum

Emma Sharpe

Restaurant Food Service Marketing

Adrianna Nelson

Retail Merchandising Service

Regan Rusthoven

Sports and Entertainment Marketing

Sullivan Duffy

Drew Harrington

Nolan Woodruff

Principles of Business Management

Braeden Hostetler


Principles of Finance

Joe Greca

Ellie Irwin

Justin Phillips

Max Ungrey

Principles of Hospitality

Taylor Grifhorst

Riordan McPhail

Principles of Marketing

Myles Littell

Finance Professional Selling:

Jonny Dubbink 

Hospitality Professional Selling

Sandra Lwin

Professional Selling-Marketing

Daniel Foster


Business Law:

Jackson Hamstra/Colby Hopkins

Finance Team:

Kaden Barksdale/Ryan Cawthon

Hospitality Team:

Morgan Chapie/Amanda Hallenbeck

Marketing Management:

Jaxson Gray/Josh Schimke

Sarina Dickerson/Emily Fontaine

School-Based Enterprise Paper: (30 pages)

Dylan Bailey/Riley Fahner

Community Awareness Paper

Zachary Kooyer/Alexis McKinney

Innovation Plan

Israel Morales

Startup Business Plan:

Daniel Foster/Judah Hulsebus/Alex Clark