Grandville Public School District

Student Testimonials

Read what our students are saying about their teachers:

"Mr. Groenhout is an amazing science teacher who always challenges me to do my best. He got me interested in science...His impact on me being my teacher for two years is one of the main reasons why I want to get into a science-related field after high school." ~Michael DeHoek
"AP U.S. History teacher Mr. VanderWall helped me to realize that school is about the learning process and not the grade. Mr. VanderWall goes above and beyond in supplying us with adequate resources, and due to his passion, makes learning enjoyable." ~Elayna Garner
"Mrs. Swartz is always very helpful. She is very patient with me, even when I ask her a ton of questions! She makes me want to strive to be the best I can and incorporate Spanish in my every day life." ~Breanna Greiner
"Mrs. Gilreath-Watts truly cares about her students and her teaching; she's almost like a second mother who I can always go to about anything and not be judged." ~Maegan Farney
"Miss Kirkland put in extreme effort to help me. Every morning when I came into her class, she was always positive about things, always smiling. She was a positive influence towards me, which then made me realize that I needed to do the same. I've been more positive, and have smiled to pretty much every person I meet." ~Linnea Berg
"Mrs. Bridges truly cares if we succeed and that we are giving 100%. She gives up so much of her time to help us all. Before school, at lunch, after school -- she is always there to help. She's one of the reasons I love Grandville so much." ~Lindsey Fitzgerald
"Mr. Blevins has been both a teacher and a coach to me for several years. I consider him to be a mentor and can only attempt to follow in his footsteps." ~Corey Kroll
"Señora Lawrence is the best! There's never a boring day in her class." ~Joselyn Lubbers
"Mrs. Fischer is able to teach things to you in many different ways, to accommodate for a more unique learning style. She keeps trying different methods of explanation until I finally would understand it. She can take a boring subject or boring learning material and make in interesting. She makes everyone smile when they're not having a good day. Mrs. Fischer goes out of her way to make sure whomever is not feeling well puts their chin up and gives them a little boost of confidence and THAT is what makes teachers at GHS better than the rest." ~Merin McDermott
"Not only does Mr. Dudka bring his enthusiasm and passion for teaching to the classroom every day, his letter of recommendation embodies this attitude and is the perfect missing puzzle piece to my otherwise incomplete college application." ~Ethan Lee

"My eighth-grade algebra teacher, Mrs. Stuart, has made one of the largest impacts on my life. She helped me through every hard step through the year, and every time I was having a hard time understanding a concept, I would go into her room before school and she would always go out of her way to help me understand. This past summer Mrs. Stuart brought my friend Emily and I out to ice cream so that we could catch up, and as a former student I loved seeing her again!" ~Haley Gallup
"'Don't stress the small stuff!' I learned this quote from Mrs. LaRoche. She taught me to stay positive. She always knows what to say to make someone feel better. She always found the time to help me when I was confused. She invites me to help or do stuff with her. She makes me feel involved. She always has a smile on her face when the times are rough and tries to make others do the same by saying her special quote that makes me stay positive. She makes me feel that there's more to life than just being negative all the time. Ever since she told me that quote I've been a lot more positive towards school and my future." ~Darien Burgos
"Mr. Inman and Mr. Tower have been great with the new College Writing class. The college application problem is a stress to many of us and their help with this class has relieved a lot of that stress and made it seem more possible to accomplish our goals." ~Alex Bischoff
"Not only does Mrs. Waldie teach the curriculum, but she also teaches life lessons and skills through her actions. I believe I am a better person because she has been in my life." ~Emileigh Lockard
"Mr. Krosschell always has a smile on his face and is willing to help with whatever problems you have. Not only does he teach math, he teaches life skills and how to be a better person." ~Mackenzie Brower